Welcome to Studio Law

Our dynamic team of freelance legal consultants collaborate to provide high-quality, professional legal services at affordable rates, focusing predominantly on the corporate and commercial law. With our innovative freelance setup, we offer authentic communication, personal touch and unrivalled accessibility.


We aim to change the legal landscape by breaking away from overpriced legal fees, hidden costs and impersonal services which so often define our industry.


Legal solutions to meet your business needs

STUDIO LAW is a cutting-edge, boutique legal consultancy, offering professional legal advice to assist your business in all its corporate and commercial legal requirements, as well as servicing your banking and financial transactions from a legal perspective.


Honest, accessible and professional

One of our core values is transparent communication. We place a high value on our client relationships and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to understand our clients’ requirements. Our passion for business and supporting our clients’ success stories are what drives us.


Fair, reasonable and affordable

Integrity lies at the heart of our business, and we strive to make legal assistance financially accessible. Continuous communication with our clients regarding fees is integral for managing client expectations. You will understand your invoices and know that we go the extra mile.


Operating Virtually

Our main studio is in Tokai, Cape Town, but our freelance attorneys operate virtually from their separate studios. We meet our clients in the convenience of their office, at the neighbourhood coffee shop, in cyberspace or at our studios, depending on their preference.

In short, we dedicated ourselves to making legal matters as easy and inexpensive as possible to a broad spectrum of clients, while never compromising on excellence and professionalism. Let us take care of the legal jargon, so you can get back to what you do best.